White House

Obama Proposes $4.1T Spending Plan in Final Budget

U.S. President Barack Obama proposed a $4.1 trillion spending plan for fiscal year 2017 on Tuesday in a final White House budget that laid out his priorities for fighting Islamic State, raising taxes on wealthy Americans and helping the poor.

Obama to Seek New Tax on Oil in Budget Proposal

U.S. President Barack Obama will propose a new $10 a barrel fee on oil in his budget plan next week, as the White House seeks to boost the nation's investments in clean transportation projects, the White House said on Thursday.

The Myth of the 'Strong' Obama Economy

Strong. Durable. President Obama used those words this week to describe the American economy during his State of the Union speech. But that will be called into question at the next GOP debate on the FOX Business Network. What's the reality?

IRS Gets New Powers to Revoke Passports

Submarined deep in the transportation bill passed by Congress last December was a new power given to the IRS to collect taxes. If you have a federal tax debt of $50,000 or more, the IRS can get your passport cancelled. 

Kissinger: Don’t Contain ISIS, Destroy Them

Terror tops the list of American’s greatest worries -- and for good reason. During an interview with the FOX Business Network’s Neil Cavuto, former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger said: “Terror can hit you at any place,” and “it’s essential that we deal with that problem.”