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Syria's Sham Election

With more than 150,000 Syrians killed and millions more seeking refuge in neighboring Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey, a national election will be held tomorrow to give Syrian President Bashar Assad another seven-year term in charge.

Betting on Brazil

With the World Cup in Brazil just weeks away, the eggheads at Goldman Sachs have been pouring over World Cup soccer statistics and global markets going back to 1974, figuring out if the winning country can expect a nice bounce in its stock market performance.

A Bitter Pill

When you use the phrase “drug war” you probably think of Mexico or Colombia, but there’s a battle being fought right now in front of Parliamentary committees in Britain that is getting very ugly.

Droning On and On

You’ve heard of driverless cars and flying drones that can carry combat missions or deliver packages, so why not drone ships? 

Is Darth Vader Russian?

He’s threatening, prone to acts of aggression and strikes fear in his enemies… no, it’s not Vladimir Putin, I’m talking about Darth Vader. But if you think about it they do share some ominous similarities.

What’s Next for Putin?

The annexation of Crimea is being called the smoothest invasion of modern times. As the West considered its options it was basically over before it even started.

Putin on the Style

This ex-secret agent of the Soviet Union is now in charge of the entire Eastern Bloc and he rules with a well practiced iron fist. He is also formidable when it comes to foreign diplomacy, because he doesn’t have any.

Russia’s Covert Web War

Forget the T-90 battle tanks and MiG 29 fighter jets, Russia is reportedly unleashing a silent but damaging attack on Ukraine’s cyber space.

Is Crimea a Big Deal?

Russia has its Black Sea Fleet based at a major naval base in Crimea -- it’s been there for well over 200 years and, memorandum or not, Moscow will take whatever action it wants.

Fleecing ... Soviet Style

It’s an all too familiar tactic of a corrupt dictator; line your pockets with as much loot as possible, live an extravagant lifestyle, and when the angry villagers start to close in -- make a run for it.