Sustainability Strong

Qatar Sets Up $1 Bln Energy Infrastructure Fund

Three Qatari state-backed entities, including the Gulf Arab nation's acquisitive sovereign wealth fund, are setting up a $1 billion fund to invest in overseas energy infrastructure assets.

Verizon to Invest in Solar, Fuel Cell Technology

Verizon said this week it plans to invest $100 million in solar power and fuel cells at 19 facilities in seven U.S. states to cut its carbon footprint and make its operations more resilient to storms and other disasters.

America’s Most Polluted Cities

Great strides have been made in air pollution, but despite improvements, 1 in 4 Americans live where pollution levels are often dangerous to breathe. Here's a look at the cities with the worst pollution. 

Solar Plane Set to Take Flight Over U.S.

In just more than a month, a solar-powered plane is expected to take off from San Francisco and land in New York's JFK two months later -- a kind of test flight for a 2015 attempt at the first round-the-world flight without fuel.

Apple's Green Energy Push

Apple now runs its largest U.S. data center entirely on renewable energy, with a majority of the power generated on-site from solar panels and fuel cells, according to the company's CFO on Thursday.

A Request To Reign in Surging Ethanol Prices

Ethanol credit costs surged in recent weeks as concerns about supply shortages and "blend walls" mount. Two Republicans Wednesday called on the EPA to act "decisively" to protect consumers against these higher costs.

Solar Installations Skyrocketed 76% in the U.S. Last Year

The residential solar market grew dramatically in 2012, climbing 62%. Solar leasing, which allows homeowners to avoid the hefty upfront cost of a solar system by paying a monthly fee for their panels, has helped accelerate the residential market.

Putting the 'Green' in Walgreen

Walgreen Co. is getting behind the "green" part of its name, as it aims to build what it believes will be the first store in the United States to produce at least as much energy as it consumes.