Protecting Your Small Business

Don't Get Scammed When Paying Bills

When it comes to paying the bills, be sure to read the fine print, and never accept free products over the phone. Knowing the type of scams out there is a first line of defense, but the small business also should have internal controls in place.

5 Steps to Prepare for Network Snafus

Will your business survive if your network takes a tumble? Something that claims to be plug-and-play could in fact be plug-configure-troubleshoot-call support-pay extra-throw in garbage bin. To avoid that kind of scenario, there are several steps you can take in advance.

Four Steps for Protecting Customer Data

Accepting credit and debit cards is a no-brainer for many small businesses. However, if you fail to safeguard the consumer information received with these transactions, you may end up facing major fines and losses.

How to Safely Use Social Media as a Recruitment Tool

Finding the right candidates and learning about what makes them tick without violating their privacy can be a great balancing act, especially for small business owners with limited time and resources. Throw social media in to the mix, and you can expose your business to potential risk -- and even lawsuits.

Retirement Planning When You’re the Boss

You are never too young or too old to create a succession plan for the business you have worked so hard to cultivate. Oftentimes business owners either have a plan that is too outdated to use, or haven’t even sat down to create a model of what their business will look like once they hand over the reins.

Is Your Office a BYOD?

The premise is simple enough, allow your employees to use their personal smartphones, tablets and computers for work, logging the devices onto your business databases. BYOD, or "bring your own device," might seem like a smart way to save money, not having to pay for a work phone or computer for your employees. But along with the money in your pocket comes some extra risks

Will Your Small Business Live if You Die?

It’s not an easy thing to consider, and for many small business owners, little thought is given to what will happen to the business in the event of their death. Without planning and forethought, the business could end up in probate, potentially creating irreparable damage.

How to Protect Your Money-Maker

When you begin working toward turning your million-dollar business idea into a reality, how can you ensure people you hire and/or consult with along the way don’t take your plan and run with it? Make sure they sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA), also known as a confidentiality agreement, say legal experts.

How to Deal With the Office Debbie Downer

Small businesses are only as good as their employees. Have one bad apple and it can wreck the entire apple cart. But a small business owner doesn’t have to let one morale-sapping employee infect the whole office.

When Employees Vent Online

There are no hard-and-fast rules when it comes to employees’ Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ use, but experts say small businesses would be remiss if they didn’t tell employees up front what their policies are on the use of such platforms, and what the ramifications may be if employees use their social networks to complain about their company, boss, or - worse - divulge insider company information. In fact, social expectations could even be integrated into employee training on issues such as sexual harassment.