Money 101

Did the College Textbook Bubble Burst?

The cost of college textbooks has risen at a much higher pace than inflation in the past 15 years, increasing by more than 100%. Some experts argue this bubble has already burst…but that may be good news for students.

You Picked the Wrong Major, Now What?

So you finally know what you want to be when you grow up, until you start taking classes in your degree and are now having second thoughts. Don’t panic, experts say it happens all the time, and that you should ask these questions before making your next move.

Taking a Gap Year: What Students Should Consider

College isn’t always the next step for every graduating high school senior—here’s what experts say students should consider when thinking about taking a gap year, how to boost their resumes and gain valuable experience outside of the classroom. 

4 Questions to Ask on a College Campus Tour

Many students and parents will be touring college campuses this fall to learn more about the school’s academic programs and get a sense for what campus life is like--here are four questions experts say students and their parents should ask on a tour to get the most out of their on-campus exposure.

What to Do When College Isn’t the Right Fit

Not every student picks the right school and some students may realize that college isn’t the right fit for them altogether—here are factors the experts say students should consider if they feel they made a mistake with their college decision and how it could affect their financial and career goals.

Student Loan Tips for the Class of 2013

As the six-month grace period for student loan payments for the Class of 2013 is winding down, here are three steps recent grads should take to get a better handle on student loan debt and get it paid off quickly and easily.