Looking Out

'Flexibility' New Fed Buzzword

For months the Fed used the word ‘patience’ to describe its stance toward a rate hike. Having lost ‘patience’ in March, the new buzzword is ‘flexible.’ As used by the Fed, the terms are essentially synonymous. 

Economy Stumbling Again But Stocks Will Prevail

Things may get rough for a while after recent weak economic data, but most long-term indicators suggest the U.S. economy is headed in the right direction and hint Wall Street will fall in line with the broader trend.

SOTU: With Nothing to Lose, Obama Will Aim High

The president must figure he has nothing to lose, so in the State of the Union speech he'll likely take credit for the upward tick of the U.S. economy, among other items. In all probability, the applause will last longer Tuesday night than the life of any of these measures in Congress.