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Apple Co-Founder 'Intrigued and Amazed' by Apple Joining the Dow

The man who Steve Jobs invited to help him and pal Steve Wozniak found Apple Computer back in 1976 told the FOX Business Network Friday he "never imagined" the company he helped launch would be ousting the century-old AT&T from its longtime perch on the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

TiVo Beats Broadcast Networks to the Punchline

DVR and media company TiVo might be laughing all the way to the bank after trumping the networks to launch a comedy streaming service that offers their best comedic content. TiVo CEO and President Tom Rogers exclusively revealed the company's new "Networks Comedy Collections" concept Thursday on the FOX Business Network.  

Warren Buffett: Still Feisty After All These Years

Warren Buffett is celebrating his 50th year at the helm of Berkshire Hathaway, the down-and-out textile company he bought in 1965 and turned into a holding company that today is valued as one of the top five biggest companies by market cap in the world.

CES 2015: Glitter, Glitz and Glass!

While the floor of the Las Vegas Convention Center looks like Forklift Central tonight, by tomorrow, the doors of the world's largest consumer electronics show will fly open and thousands of expected participants armed with passes will stream in to find flashing lights, cameras and lots of action.

Exclusive: Gov’t to Press Former AIG Chief on Crisis Plan

Hank Greenberg will be pressed by government attorneys this week during the AIG bailout trial to specifically outline what type of private market solutions he had at the ready as the insurance giant faced a massive liquidity crunch during the 2008 financial crisis, sources tell the FOX Business Network.