Game Plan

Work Ethic a la Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan will always be the guy who was cut from the varsity basketball team in his sophomore year and went on to become what many believe to be the greatest basketball player in history. And we can learn a lot from the legend. 

The Message in Bush’s Art

It's time to step outside our comfort zone. You don't have to run a mile past your limit, but it's important to try something that is pushes the realm of your expertise with no fear of failing and just roll with it.

Awards Season and the Culture of Mean

As we move into the thick of the fashion forward awards season, it's hard to ignore the signs that as a society, we often step over the line with superficial comments and snap judgments. 

Do You Brake for Squirrels?

Abundance or lack? Agreeable or argumentative? Optimistic or pessimistic? We have a choice in how we look at things and it can impact how we live our lives.

Life Perspectives from a Hospital

Spending any time in a hospital has a way of reminding us of what's really important, and sometimes it's all about the small accomplishments to see the really big picture. 

The Word of Lance Armstrong

We all have moments in life when we thrive. But some of us will lose ourselves in the climb, get caught up in ego instead of real strength, and eventually topple.

Taking My Own Advice in the January Push

Feeling the January push to cross off your new year's resolution list? Don't leave behind the important people and things in the process. Carefully consider what should stay and what should go in your life. 

Live Life Fully This Year

Are you resolution resistant? Living well doesn't necessarily mean jet setting or a six figure salary. What matters most is living life the way you want -- even if it means lazy days and bad T.V. This is your blueprint, so craft it how you like.

Go Ahead, Disagree With One Another

There is treasure in getting where someone else is coming from. Even if all we emerge with is the realization that their world view has been formed by the same things as ours – upbringing, education, life experience, spiritual awareness – that is something.