From the Front Lines

HFT Critics Have it All Wrong

Author Michael Lewis sparked a controversy over high-frequency trading. But Lewis and other critics are wrong to say the practice hurts retail clients.

Give Credit Where Credit is Due

Drum roll please. My official people of the year are… the CEOs, CFOs and all of those hardworking Americans who have found a way to help their respective corporations’ stock valuations rise in 2013.

A Letter to the President

Here you go again. Class warfare. Although the country is tired of the divisive speeches you seem to be drawn to, let me help you and the country understand the important point that you fail to bring up in relation to this " discussion".

The President’s Healthcare Gamble

Obama gambled one-sixth of the U.S. economy that he could convince young people to sign up for something that they didn't want. His gamble didn't -- and won't -- work.

Stocks Don't Pass the Smell Test

After 27 years of managing money I have learned that sometimes stocks being cheap just isn't enough to support staying fully invested.

Don't Thank the Fed for Record Highs, Thank the CEOs

The stock market isn't rising because the Federal Reserve is printing money. I keep hearing this all around and it is intellectually dishonest and it spits in the face of every hard working CEO and CFO of public companies who are being forced to be more efficient than ever with less clarity of the future. 

Wake Up America

Right now, as you read this article, the national debt is directly harming Americans, and the government isn't being honest about it. 

The Government Redefines 'Investment'

When the president says that the country needs more "investment" it is crucial to note that this is code for more printing of money. What that means is further and significant devaluation of our dollar, which  will disproportionately hurt the middle class.

Where is Your Outrage?

As the battle in Washington continues, I often wonder why there isn't more outrage from all Americans over the debt ceiling debate.

Don't Forget This Key Data Point

With all the data immediately available to all of us, the importance of some tend to get lost, while other data points that aren't that relevant often get highlighted.