Bitcoin and Taxes, Now Unavoidable

If you don’t know anything about the Bitcoin market, know this: you can use the digital currency as a form of payment on sites like, Amazon, and even Victoria’s Secret.

The Truth About Free Wi-Fi

Hackers and scammers know that travelers are in a hurry and might not be paying much attention to the security of Wi-Fi. And unbeknownst to travelers, they may have unwittingly connected to an unverified rogue network.

Rethinking Cyber Defense

No material impact is being made on the volume of cyberattacks. In fact, recent estimates indicate that 97% plus of companies have suffered some form of serious cyber intrusion, and that it takes on average anywhere between 7 and 8 months to discover that an attack has occurred.

Lost Lerner Emails - Can They Be Recovered?

How can it be in today's environment where the government is maintaining email and cell phone data on every US citizen, that it can selectively lose emails from a single hard drive of a government official that is under investigation?

Circles and The Internet of Things

Growing up, the sacred text in our house was Consumer Reports, a/k/a “Consumers”. Nary a television, home appliance, or automobile could be purchased without consulting the infallible guide to what was worth some hard earned dollars.

With Great Power...

The FTC—for now—has wide latitude to assert that companies failing to provide “reasonable and appropriate data security” can have claims brought against them for unfair or deceptive practices.