Financial Resolutions

Simple Steps to Ditching Debt

If you are experiencing financial hardship, it may seem like paying off your debt is an impossible task. However, you can regain control of your finances before the situation gets worse. And once you pay off your debt, you can start using your money to build a better future. Here are several ways to help manage your debt:

Income in Retirement: Aim for Your Target

Americans do not save enough during their working years, leaving most people unprepared for retirement. One of the first steps to combat this is to calculate how much income you will need in retirement.

How to Shed Holiday Debt in 2012

The gifts have been unwrapped, the trees are long gone and the decorations are packed away, but there is still one remaining hint of the holidays: credit card bills. Make 2012 the year you get out of debt, and stay there.

Twelve Steps to Credit Recovery in 2012

If your 2011 financial history involved a string of late payments, dealing with foreclosure, or having accounts go to collections, your credit score probably took a beating. Here are 12 steps get you on the road to fixing your financials. 

Resolving to Be a Better Boss in 2012

Too many bosses enter into their leadership roles with little experience and support. Many bosses were likely promoted because they were good at their job or had peaked out in their role, which is a problem. Here are three tips to become a better boss in 2012.

You’re Accomplished, But Are You Kind?

So often at this time of year, people resolve to do grand things or completely shun resolutions because they think they must commit to grand things and they feel defeated before they begin. But there's a better approach. 

Nine Ways to Keep Your New Year's Resolutions

If your New Year's resolutions from last year have gone unresolved, you're not alone. Now a new year offers another opportunity to achieve your goals, and these nine tips should help you keep to your New Year's resolutions.