Final Score

'Public Service' or the Gravy Train?

Working in the public sector has become simply a means to make money: The ability to monetize public sector experience makes private sector paychecks seem like chicken feed. 

Always Be Closing

While Ronald Reagan burned inside with an enthusiasm for the core values of this nation, Mitt’s fires  weren’t strong enough to light the nation…or at least more than half of it.

Obama Will Double Down on Romney Lies

President Obama swung wildly at Mitt Romney’s tax plan during the first debate, claiming it would “cost” about $5 trillion. When Mitt denied that was true, the only counter punch the president came up with was that Mitt was a liar. 

“Another Broken Promise, Mr. President?”

Most Americans need to be reminded of just how many promises this president has broken. When you truly believe the government can fix almost anything, you’re bound to promise much more than can be fulfilled.

Democratic Hogwash

We expect hypocrisy in an election year. But the complete re-writing of history by politicians looking to exonerate their own guilt and foist it on others is inexcusable. 

Stop Bashing Success

If this country is going to start achieving success like it used to, it has to stop punishing success.

Minimum Thought Put into Minimum Wage

As the brilliant economist Thomas Sowell pointed out in a column this week, a minimum wage is one of the worst things you can do to young folks out of work.

Taxpayer Dollars for an Italian Car Company?

While we're all wasting time arguing about Mitt Romney and whether private equity firms like Bain Capital are good or bad for America, your money is about to be given to an Italian car company, in a deal arranged by the folks who brought us Solyndra. 

Whose Pain Is It?

As if Americans hadn’t been suffering enough at the expense of big government, the mainstream media think the only way to solve things is to squeeze even more out of hard-working Americans.