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Annual Performance Reviews: Lose-Lose?

There is no doubt the annual review has become more of a check-the-box obligation that both managers and employees begrudgingly endure. The problem with the traditional performance review is that it is very backward looking, and encourages managers to defer conversations about performance until it’s too late.

3 Ways to Be a Better Boss

Whether you are a line supervisor, middle manager, or executive, as the boss you are responsible for setting the tone and creating a positive and productive work environment. When bosses fail to do this, turnover increases, morale drops and hiring expenses skyrocket. Here are tips.

Hiring for Hustle

As an organizational psychologist I’ve been involved in quite a few hiring initiatives and one thing is for sure: the way we vet and hire new employees in this country is more often than not a pretty haphazard experience.

What I Learned from TED

The daylong TED event consisted of 15 speakers, musical act Lisa-Marie Johnston, and two microdocumentaries. Below are highlights from three of the talks that have powerful ramifications for business:

Why Leaders Must Broadcast Happiness

We spend most of our waking hours working, interacting with colleagues and coworkers.  In order to build a happy and successful life we must ensure these interactions are positive.

Life at Amazon – Not For Everyone

The true test is how leaders at every level respond and course correct as they go. To do this every leader must have their finger on the pulse of their teams, which requires data.