The Boomer

Strategies to Increase Retirement Income

You finally made it! You have reached your golden years. This is what you have prepared for your entire adult life. But will your nest egg carry you through to old age? Is there something else you should be doing to be sure to get the most out of your retirement savings? Here is advice.

Buckle up: It's Not Your Father's Retirement

It is something you should be planning for decades, reaching your Golden Years -- the day on which you leave the workforce and have enough financial resources to last for the rest of your lifetime. However, they may not be as close as they appear.

Can You Afford to Live Longer?

While it's good news that you can expect to live longer in retirement and have a better quality of life, it also means your investment portfolio may need to last for 30 years or more.

3 Ways to Grow Your Tax Refund

If you have received a tax refund or are expecting a check from Uncle Sam this year, instead of blowing it in one place, consider adding a little padding to your nest egg for your retirement. Here are strategies.

The Economic Costs of Diabetes

Diabetes is not just a health issue. According to the ADA, healthcare costs for people with diabetes are 2.3 times higher than for individuals who do not have diabetes.