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The Myth of the College Grad Barista

Although many stories have been published about this phenomenom, it’s an urban myth that college grads are stuck in jobs working as Starbucks baristas, says new analysis from the New York Federal Reserve.

Assessing the Right Company for You

Interviews are a two-way street, and impressing the hiring manager is just one part of it. As a potential employer determines if you’re right for the job, you’ve got to figure out if that company is right for you.

5 Top Paying Jobs For College Grads

What degree do you need to get the top paying jobs upon college graduation? According to the National Association of Colleges, there are five top choices students can make this year.

Millennials Are More at Risk for Job Scams

Roughly one in six American job seekers have fallen for a scam when searching for work online, but victims are much more likely to be among the youngest Americans in the U.S. workforce, according to a recent survey.