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The Conference Room

NASCAR Putting Pedal to the Metal on Ethanol

When it comes to defending ethanol’s reputation, Illinois Corn Growers Association president Paul Taylor simply points to the race track.

In a Conference Room interview with FBN’s Jeff Flock at Chicagoland Speedway, Taylor says the 4 million miles driven by NASCAR drivers prove ethanol’s performance on the road.

“Obviously this is high stress --this isn’t just running down the expressway or taking the minivan to pick up the kids after soccer practice,” says Taylor. “This is real engine tests, and we think the fuel is standing up to these tests.”

In addition to ethanol’s ability to fuel cars operating in high-stakes situations, Taylor also stresses the relative affordability of ethanol, which he thinks will become increasingly popular.  

“If ethanol is 60 to 80 cents cheaper, why wouldn’t the oil companies be using it?” asks Taylor.

Taylor says domestic carmakers are also coming around to biofuels like ethanol.

“They’re really encouraged about biofuels into the future, so I don’t know they’re really coming out – especially the American car industry – coming out in favor of doing away with ethanol,” he says.

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