FOX Business' Elizabeth MacDonald covered the Forbes Women's Summit. Here's a look at five interviews with leading female figures. 

  • 1Cathie Black Reinvents Herself

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    Former NYC School Chancellor Cathie Black weighs in on her new business venture helping start ups.

  • 2Lauren Bush Lauren Helps Fight World Hunger

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    Feed Projects CEO Lauren Bush Lauren weighs in on her charity that fights to end world hunger.

  • 3Will Fiorina Run For Office? Never Say Never!

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    Former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina on how HP can catch up to Apple, and her latest business ventures.

  • 4Unicef to Purchase 2.4M Gardasil Vaccines from Merck

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    Merck Vaccines president Julie Gerberding breaks down the latest on vaccines.

  • 5Donna Karan: Designing a Healthier U.S.

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    An exclusive interview with Donna Karan on how she’s working to make a healthier United States.

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