CEO Photo Booth

Published February 26, 2013

| FOXBusiness

CEO Photo Booth

CEO Photo Booth

CEOs with FBN talent on the road:  Some of the biggest names in business step into the FOX Business Photo Booth.

Tim Tebow & Tom Rogers

Liz Claman with Tim Tebow and Tom Rogers, CEO of TiVo.

Bill McGill

Cheryl Casone meets MarineMax CEO Bill McGill at the Miami International Boat Show.

Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson

Liz Claman with Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson, CEO of SMS Audio.

Paul Otellini

Liz Claman with Paul Otellini, President and Chief Executive of Intel.

Joe Clayton

Liz Claman with Joe Clayton, President and CEO of DISH Network.

Bob Pittman

Liz Claman with Bob Pittman, CEO of Clear Channel.