Trump slams NATO cheapskates: Who pays what?

President Donald Trump came out swinging Thursday during his first meeting at the NATO headquarters in Brussels, scolding members of the alliance for failing to live up to their financial obligations for collective defense.

Are concealed weapons the answer to American safety?

U.S. Concealed Carry Association President Tim Schmidt said Thursday the reason behind the uptick in concealed weapons permits in the United States is due to more Americans “feeling the need to be able to protect themselves, to be able to be that first line of defense.”



Trump, G7 peers seek deals on terrorism, trade, climate

The differences are well-known: climate change, trade and migration threaten to throw a summit of the Group of Seven wealthy democracies off its consensus game, with U.S. President Donald Trump cast as the spoiler-in-chief.


Pyongyang gas price surge: Bad news for Kim Jong Un?

While world attention has focused on Kim Jong Un's recent missile tests, a month-long surge in gasoline prices in Pyongyang is showing no signs of letting up — a puzzling problem that if allowed to drag on could be very bad news for the North Korean economy.