Sneak Peek: Strange Inheritance Season 3

Strange Inheritance season three kicks off Friday at 10pm ET.  Fox Business Network’s very own reality show looks at the quirkiest, bizarre, most valuable things people have inherited and the stories behind them.



Collision Course: Improving Fundamentals, Fiscal Stimulus and Fed Policy

By Gary Stringer, Kim Escue and Chad Keller, Stringer Asset Management We have increased our forecast for U.S. economic growth in 2017 as expansionary fiscal policy will likely fuel inflationary pressures, thus adding to our expectations of increased productivity and consumer spending. When creating our market expectations, we focus on nominal GDP (NGDP), which is…


Bank Loan ETFs are an Ideal Way to Deal With Rising Rates

As market participants anticipate multiple interest rate hikes by the Federal Reserve this year, fixed-income investors are shifting into senior secured floating-rate bank loans and related exchange traded funds to hedge against rising rate risks. A rising interest rate would negatively affect bond funds as newer debt securities would come with a higher rate, making…


Target lowers 4Q profit and sales outlook

Target is lowering its fourth-quarter profit and sales outlook after the discounter says it had sluggish holiday sales and traffic in its stores that offset a surging online business.