Board rejects Puerto Rico budget because of overspending

A federal control board overseeing Puerto Rico's finances has rejected the island's proposed budget because it said it lacks at least $200 million in specific cost-saving measures and contains nearly $120 million in overspending and ineligible expenditures.



Business Highlights

___ 'Like bombs': Bankrupt company's air bags still out there Takata Corp. has filed for bankruptcy, brought down by a scandal involving defective air bags blamed for at least 16 deaths.


A Commodity ETF That Can Continue to Shine

While gold bullion may be losing its luster in investors’ eyes, palladium and the related exchange traded fund have shined this year and are among the best performing commodities year-to-date. The ETFS Physical Palladium Shares (NYSEArca: PALL), which tracks palladium price movements, has gained 27.2% as palladium surged to $860 per ounce from $709 per…

In New Mexico, Trump's monument review stirs passions

Desert ranchers in New Mexico are hoping the new GOP administration in Washington will dramatically shrink a recently designated national monument in the south of the state where outlaw Billy the Kid and Apache leader Geronimo once sought refuge.


Universal presses bid to void music deal with Prince estate

Lawyers for Universal Music Group have renewed their request that a Minnesota judge cancel the company's music rights deal with Prince's estate, saying UMG will otherwise have to sue in litigation that could keep fans from hearing new music from Prince's vault for years.

Vermont utility regulators give final nod to FairPoint deal

Customers of the telephone and broadband services provider FairPoint Communications in northern New England won't notice much difference after it merges with an Illinois-based telecommunications provider, officials with the company merging with FairPoint said.

Taking a Bottom Up Approach to ESG ETF Investments

As investors consider more ways to build up and diversify their portfolios, consider environmental, social and governance exchange traded funds (ETFs) that combine an integrated approach to ESG best practices with enhanced risk-adjusted return potential. For example, joining the new wave of ETF products based on ESG principles, FlexShares has come out with the FlexShares…